Grow Your Business

You’re ready to grow your business. You’re in the right place. We’re ready to help.

Scaling your company is very possible with the right plan and appropriate access to capital.

A direct capital injection through a Private Equity Group can fuel your company’s next stage of growth. We’ve helped dozens of companies like yours acquire the capital necessary to scale beyond levels achievable through cash flow or traditional bank borrowing.

In a typical PEG transaction, the PEG will purchase a majority stake in your company, say 80%, for a combination of cash and investment capital. This lets you, as the business owner, take some chips off the table, and also ensures that the business has the capital and resources to enable it to reach its fullest potential. In many cases, the value of the 20% retained by the owner will eventually exceed the 80% that was sold to the PEG because of growth.

As always, to grow your business, we begin by taking a deep dive into your goals and objectives.

We then prepare a free business valuation to help us determine your potential for growth as well as the attractiveness of a capital infusion.

Finally, we contact our database of private equity groups and other financial investors to find the right match for you.

40-Point Business Exit Checklist

Thinking about selling your business or a business subsidiary?

Get prepared with our 40-point Business Exit Checklist. Preparation is the first step to maximizing your potential payday.

It’s a free template that gives you a head start on everything you’ll need to assemble prior to putting your business on the market.