Marketing Process

Here's how we help you succeed:


We'll Do the Leg Work

We use a combination of old and new techniques to contact buyers. The last 20 years have seen changes in technology that have benefited the brokerage industry. However, many of our deals still originate with a qualified targeted buyer, receiving a professional, individually addressed letter on good stationary.

Decision makers are not necessarily tech savvy, and sometimes a letter gets through when every modern method does not. The letter also shows you are serious about selling and have engaged a professional intermediary like NBS. Buyers take comfort knowing they are not wasting time and money.

But in no way do we neglect the splendid benefits of tech. We utilize an excellent contact management system to contact many prospects by many means. We subscribe to major mergers and acquisitions networks that uncover buyers in different ways.

It's important to understand how tech has revolutionized research. Each listing requires hundreds of man hours of research, which is ongoing until a deal is actually signed.

Our research and contact efforts are worldwide. Though this is time consuming, it is worth the effort, as sometimes a foreign company will pay more. Some foreign companies want access to the U.S. market and are willing to acquire a company to accomplish that.

Contacting qualified buyers is, to an important extent, a numbers game. Rather than relying on a typical, standard form email, we draft an individually addressed letter designed to obtain the prospect’s full attention. 

Our approach has been designed and refined to consistently boost response rates from qualified prospects, providing us with the opportunity to discuss potential deals with the largest possible selection of potential buyers. 


We'll Get Responses

Our individually crafted inquiry letters make it very apparent to the prospect that we are not simply blasting out a chain letter praying for a response from any company out there. The chain letter approach does nothing more than field inquiries from businesses that are not a good fit in the first place.

To the recipient, our detailed and informed approach letter feels like a one-to-one conversation has just begun, and the high response rates we experience validate the effectiveness of this approach. This same approach is utilized in our email and other tech oriented ways of communicating with buyers.

We then follow up with each responding company, and we assist you at all stages of the buying process to ensure a successful outcome.


We'll Help You Negotiate, Close, and Celebrate

Trying to negotiate alone can be a recipe for disaster. It can take your eyes off of running your company, and in many cases, the negotiations can be frustrating for business owners. It's best to have someone with extensive experience manage those negotiations with and for you.

We've successfully completed well over 300 transactions, and in virtually all of those cases, we've negotiated deals that exceeded our clients' expectations. 

For us to succeed, you have to win. We don't get paid unless you find the right deal that meets your goals. By getting paid when you get paid, we ensure that our interests are aligned.

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