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If you’re ready to start a new future for yourself by acquiring a solid, profitable company, culling through online lists of potential acquisition targets and businesses for sale can not only be frustrating... it can be an enormous waste of time.

National Business Search offers exceptional buyer representation services for companies and people like you who are looking to buy a business to build a bright future.

We’ll work closely with you to understand your goals and interests, and then we’ll establish appropriate search parameters such as:

  • Industry segment,
  • Revenue,
  • Geographic requirements,
  • Corporate culture,
  • Proprietary technology or services, and
  • Other desired features.

To a large extent, this is a numbers game; however, simply mass emailing a giant list of acquisition targets doesn’t always guarantee an outcome. That's why our approach has been designed and refined over the years to consistently boost response rates from qualified targets, giving us the opportunity to entertain discussions and offers from the largest possible selection. 

Most business acquisitions start with an introductory letter, and most of those boilerplate form letters are routinely treated as junk mail. These letters are cranked out in hopes that someone will respond, but, as you probably have guessed, most of them end up in the trash.   

Our approach is different. We tailor a letter designed to obtain your potential prospect’s full attention. We use your buyer criteria and our research to carefully craft a letter that compels the reader to respond.

To the recipient, our initial communication feels like a one-to-one conversation has just begun, and the high response rates we experience validate this approach.

We then follow up with each responding company, and we assist you at all stages of the buying process to ensure a successful outcome. Our attention to detail shows the reader that we are serious about acquiring their business for you, and we're not just blanketing the market in hopes of getting someone to respond.  

Acquiring a business can be a trying and stressful time.

NBS is not your typical, cookie-cutter merger and acquisition firm. On the contrary, our attention to detail and personalized service allows us to find you just the right business to buy.

Will I pick the right business, will it be successful, and what steps do I take and in what order, are just some of the questions you’ll be asking yourself.  

NBS has all these answers and more for you.

When you choose NBS to represent you, you’re getting our industry knowledge, or attention to detail, and our years of experience from day one. 

If you’re ready to pursue an acquisition and want the best buyer representation possible, call us today.

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