What Is Business Valuation?

Before you sell your business or buy a business, it is vital to know the business’s value. Business valuation is the process of putting a price tag on a business or company unit in order to determine its economic value.  NBS looks at the following factors in order to place a value on your business:

  • Your business’s history.
  • A description of your business’ products, services, geographic market area, etc.
  • Your business’s marketing activities such as sales, distribution, customer base, and competition.
  • The organization structure of your business including management, key employees, compensation, and benefits.
  • The historical business financial statements.

NBS uses the above information and weighs the nature of the business, economic conditions, financial performance, and values of assets to arrive at a fair market value for a business. Knowing what a business is worth is essential for both the buyer and the seller to make sure each gets a good return on the money invested. *

Why Perform a Business Valuation?

If you are planning your exit strategy from your business, knowing the business’s value is essential. Without it, you could leave millions on the table. Getting a qualified estimate as to the fair market value of your business will help you make one of the most critical financial decisions of your life. 

Ready to Get Your Business Evaluated?

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