Two Types of Buyers

Financial Buyers

Financial buyers often look for industry segments where there is good potential for growth or an opportunity for a roll up. Pairing with the right financial partner, such as a private equity group, can give you the opportunity to realize two paydays when you ultimately exit your business.

For example, a private equity group may buy a percentage of your company for cash (often between 51 - 80%), and plan an IPO or a strategic sale or merger within 3 to 5 years. This unique approach allows you to gain liquidity as the seller, and at the same time participate in the company’s future growth.

In many of the deals like this that we’ve structured, the percentage of the company that the seller retained became worth far more than the percentage that was sold, because of a strategic sale or IPO that took place a few years later.

We have developed a meticulous and diversified selection process to ensure you are able to find the ideal financial partner. We methodically contact virtually all of the top private equity groups, capital companies, and other investment entities.

But we don't stop there.

Strategic Buyers

During more than 4 decades of activity, we’ve developed and refined our research process to find buyers that have a very specific and strategic interest in buying your company. While the obvious search targets potential buyers from within your industry, NBS excels at finding buyers from allied or other industries that for strategic reasons, want to be or should be in your industry.

And many times, that’s where we find the best and most qualified prospects for our clients.

There is an art and a science to finding strategic buyers for mid-sized mergers and acquisitions. The art is being able to think creatively outside of the normal parameters. The science is the application of intensive research techniques and know-how gained from long experience in this field.

Even though buyers within your industry may present lots of opportunities, the best offers frequently come from those outside buyers who want to establish themselves in your industry.

In either case, the key to our success lies in our unique, confidential auction approach. The end result is a competitive situation that rapidly elevates your valuation and your ultimate exit price.

Is now the right time to sell your business?

Some businesses are selling for a premium right now. Others are selling at bargain prices. Find out if now's the time to cash out or the time to refine and position yourself for a sale down the road.

These 10 questions can provide the answer.

The Ultimate Buyer

Many financial buyers are really strategic buyers. These are capital companies and private equity groups that have one or more portfolio companies in the same or similar industry as that of your company. These buyers are among the best, because they combine a strategic buyer's desire to make an acquisition with a financial buyer's sophistication and ability to put a deal together.

The key here is working with an experienced partner that knows how to find these "ultimate buyers" and create a competitive bidding situation that helps you achieve the maximum exit potential.

At NBS, we pride ourselves in finding the right partner for your needs.